Smart Home Solutions


With increased energy and energy consumption, Population, there is an urgent need to conserve energy in all Possible way. Lack of access and control Hardware from remote locations is one of the main reasons. For the loss of power, a grid or an Android app is already used. Users to give instructions to these systems. That’s... The system can take advantage of a range of communication routes. Like Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth, Ziggy. Different control. Devices and configurations can be found in existing systems. These systems have already been found in many places for: A wide range of applications.

Security systems protect your home while you’re away. But a smart home can sense motion, alerting you of any change in activity. If anything seems amiss, you will receive notifications right to you. Home can also act on your behalf when you’re not there. It can lock doors or greet visitors through an interactive doorbell camera feature. You can even respond to them in real-time.

Benefits of Smart Home
  • Control at Your Fingertips. By installing appliances in your house, such as a smart oven, you can now use apps on your mobile device to enjoy complete control of your home’s functions from anywhere in the world. ...
  • Safety. ...
  • Accessibility. ...
  • Energy Efficiency. ...
  • Cost Effectiveness. ...
  • The Future.

Integrated systems, remote access systems, mobile phones. Applications, web applications and home automation Order!

Electronic and electrical environment in relation to this topic Context is any environment made up of devices like As fans, televisions, air conditioners, engines, heaters., Lighting systems, etc. Remote access environment The environment in which each device can be remotely Access and control using software as an Interface, which Including the application of the robot and the web application. Like... Remote access systems already available in The market, but it also has a number of flaws.


1) GSM-based home automation system
The system proposed in provides 3 means of control home: the GSM network, the internet and through speech. Real-time monitoring was an important feature:: They can be used in home automation systems.

2 )Bluetooth domestic automation
Bluetooth technology is secure. Low cost. Using a Bluetooth ardeno an. KDE4 Provide user interface. Bluetooth ports. The panel and relays are used to interact with the devices. The Bluetooth is the password. Protected to ensure the integrity of the system and not to abuse it. By any Bluetooth intruders, has a range of 10 to 100.

3) Telephone automation
Some systems are described as an enabling system that can To be used to provide a common framework for the home Automation provides a system of intelligence. This includes facilities such as system control, home wires and a common interface. That should do it. Use of the current home automation system

4)zegbi-based home automation system
Ziggy’s wireless communications technology could be Application Home Automation uses the pic system. Microcontroller and voice recognition for this purpose Voice commands are taken from the microphone.

With the app, you can easily and safely control all your Accessories. Ask to turn off the lights from your iPad or your Android device . Lock the front door on your phone controlling things remotely with Apple TV's help.

We proudly present our smart products.
  • Automated smart house security.
  • Smart house lighting mechanism.
  • The smart kitchen automation.
  • The climate control mechanism in the smart house.
  • Automated access to the smart house.
  • Smart home entertainment automation.
  • Smart home fountain / Irrigation Automation
  • Smart Pool automation in the House.
  • Automated intelligent domestic scene
  • Light control.
  • Security systems.
  • Thermostats.
  • Windows, Automatic curtains.
  • Door locks.
  • Swimming pools.
  • The car door and the garage door.
  • Home theater.
  • Kitchen tools.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Room temperature sensor.