Security & Control Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems alert proper authorities in case of an intrusion, and allow your operation to continue running smoothly and efficiently in addition to providing peace of mind to your employees and clients. SmarTechIT’s experienced and professional design and installation team for security systems can provide you with the best recommendation for a comprehensive security system that suits your requirement.

Alarm Monitoring & Guard Response

With a fully operational security and surveillance system, SmarTechIT can provide tie-ups with third-party monitoring centers who are in the business of responding to intrusion alarms and dispatching qualified security officers to your premises to investigate. These security officers will identify possible threat(s) and contact local law enforcement thereby ensuring employee and client safety.

Access Control Systems

From simple door locking systems to multi-unit, multi-user systems, Access Control Systems control conditions and authorized users. Security Specialists at SmarTechIT are experts at designing and installing access control systems tailor-made for you, and help alleviate your risks in terms of unauthorized access and safety concerns for employees and property.

Security & Control Systems