Mailing Solutions

Email Statistics Report, 2014-2019 summarizes that while business email users sent and received 121 emails per day on average in 2014, the same is expected to grow to 140 emails per day on average by 2018. Managing email traffic through a well-designed platform in a secure and confidential environment is critical to maintaining business privacy. Teams today have access to a number of email and productivity solutions to connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

Professionals at SmarTech IT can help you to choose, deploy and manage the right solution for your business while also providing an important platform for managing heavy traffic that flows through your Emails and offering backup facilities. With Private Email, managing multiple email accounts from different providers under one roof is as easy as pie and Email overload can never happen!

Why SmarTech IT?
Proven Expertise

We specialize in deploying and managing mailing solutions for all types of businesses from small and medium enterprises to large companies.

Whenever, Wherever Support

SmarTechIT offers whenever, wherever support to all our deployments 24×7. We also take up mail solution support on AMC.

Mail Migration

With our commitment to quality and confidentiality, SmarTechIT guarantees that our experts will support you in safely and completely migrating mail from your old mail server to the chosen one in such a way that any old mail can be located easily.

Multiple Device Access

Confidently and safely stay abreast of exchanges and communication by checking your email on any device at any time with our best privacy and protection offer.