CRM Solutions

CRM system keeps the customer as the centre of the process and helps you streamline your companies leads, opportunities, appointments, sales and support. SmarTechIT offers CRM software for small and medium scale businesses and helps your company improve Sales, Support & Customer Satisfaction ratings by shortening your lead cycles leading to increased sales and help in providing real- time support to customers leading to improved Customer Satisfaction ratings.

Businesses require strategies that will enable you to stay in touch with your customers’ pain, needs and desires. With our CRM solutions, SmarTechIT enables you to showcase your client relationships and record every interaction between your business and the client.

What does CRM do?
  • Provides active tracking and management of customer information
  • Allows real-time communication among team members via mobile and other devices
  • Captures customer emails intelligently
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks freeing you to take on leads
  • Provides real-time insights and recommendations
  • Grows with your business
Key Features
  • New contacts with one click
  • Customer retention simplified with follow up reminders
  • Complete statistics on customers and salesforce
  • Existing database can be completely imported