Cloud Solutions

Is your business scalable to include new clients and markets? How about adaptability to include new technologies quickly to stay on the cutting edge?

In the digital era, adaptability and responsiveness of organizations are keys to their success. With your keen eye to recognize the potential of higher efficiency solutions and your ability to build them into business cases, you will be able to cash in on speculative IT solutions in the cloud. As compared to working inside your own IT cocoon, cloud administrations empower you to quickly and expertly adopt new technologies as and when required and at the scale at which you require them. Additionally, Cloud offers innovative and unique ways of utilizing IT, which in turn gives you more flexibility and allows you to focus completely on your core business.

Just as in any other choice, taking your business to the cloud comes with its own questions; not the least of which involves opting for the right cloud for the right application at the right place and at the right time. It also comes with its own pros and expenses. Consultants at SmarTechIT support you in this venture by helping you decide if your applications are cloud compatible in the first place, and by working out a plan and provide a guide for change and development for moving it up at the correct stage.

Benefits of Cloud
Pay for use

Compared to traditional methods where companies are billed for fixed server and infrastructure capacity, the same can be commissioned on cloud on an as needed basis thereby resulting in perfectly customized billing.

Do more with less

By reducing the size of or by totally eliminating company-owned data centers cloud computing can significantly reduce IT costs with zero impact on organization’s IT capabilities.

24/7 availability

If there is a functioning Internet connection, workers can access required applications from anywhere in the world, resulting in 99.9% uptime; some applications even work without the Internet.

Improved mobility

Irrespective of their location in the world, employees have access to data and operations via smartphones and tablets and therefore do their work anywhere. Eg. workers have real-time access to customers via mobile handheld devices and therefore suit their presentation to the specific interest of the client.


Cloud capacity can be increased or decreased, and the facility as a whole can be turned up, down or off based on specific needs thereby resulting in flexible cost.

More “green”

The opportunity for more companies to share resources leads to more efficient operations with fewer data centres worldwide resulting collectively in less of a carbon footprint and improvement in “green credentials” of constituent companies.